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Image Nos: (from left to right) FM_TH0112, FM_MY0015 & FM_IN0025 from the Frederic Mason CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) 2, 90 & 87 from the Elisabeth Locard CollectionImage No: GF_004000 from the Gregory Forth CollectionImage Nos: (left to right) DH03515, DH03514 & DH03519 from the David Hughes CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) KCS_068, KCS_069 & KCS_067 from the Kee Chun Studio CollectionImage No: BA009197 from the Barbara Anello Collection


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Images from the Ivan Polunin CollectionDP22_09 - A close-up of Boun Xou Sananikone and son at a wedding in Vientiane, Laos.BA010210DP37_29 - A snapshot of a little Laotian girl.SS004281NAG 026_21715angkor_wat_churning_ocean_milk_IMG_2613DP117_21 - A view of houses, Orahili, Nias, IndonesiaDP119_19 - A view of houses and stone benches, Bawomataluo, Nias, IndonesiaDP28_12 - A view of a procession of Buddhist monks.DP108_10 - A view of houses in a village in Boawae, Flores, IndonesiaDP122_20 - A view of a huta (Toba-Batak village) near Balige, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP95_04 - A view of an embankment in the vicinity of the (?) Monkey God's Birthday Celebrations, Phnom Penh, CambodiaDP160_29 - Views and close ups of the rituals of Thaipusam in the series of images DP159_1-38, DP160_1-37DP113_12 - A snapshot of a man on the road to Soe, Timor, IndonesiaDP129_16 - A view of the council house gable, Pematang Purba, Simalungun, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP121_07 - A view of a boat in the harbour, Gunungsitoli, Nias, IndonesiaDP123_20 - Lumbanjulu, Toba, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP28_14 - A view of a procession of Buddhist monks.DP28_10 - A snapshot of the funeral band.DP123_29 - Pulau, Tello, IndonesiaDP95_18 - A snapshot of a devotee in the midst of a crowd at the (?) Monkey God's Birthday Celebrations, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.DP116_33 - A view of houses, Orahili, Nias, Indonesia.BA009518DP102_17 - A view of lumbung (rice barns) in Lemo, Toraja, Indonesia.angkor_south_gate-fourth-enclosure_IMG_3639BA010083NAG 004_22583DP122_13 - A snapshot of the monument to the Batak Raja near Balige,Toba, Sumatra, IndonesiaTMMT002618DP159_29 - Views and close ups of the rituals of Thaipusam in the series of images DP159_1-38, DP160_1-37DP97_16 - A detail of a tympanum in Banteay Srei, Angkor, CambodiaDP38_17 - A rear view of a group of Hmong.DP28_02 - A sampan being rowed by a woman with a long pole for an oar is near itDP37_12 - A close-up of the water jar outside Versteeg's houseDP109_05 - A snapshot of horse riders, Waingapu, Sumba, IndonesiaDP96_09 - A detail of a bas-relief, Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia.DP100_14 - A view of Pre Rup, Angkor, CambodiaDP129_06 - A view of a skull/head house, Lingga, Karo, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP111_28 - A bird's eye view of lighters in the harbour at Kupang, Timor, Indonesia.DP108_03 - A view of lumbung (rice barn) in a village in Bajawa, Flores, IndonesiaDP98_06 - A view of the causeway at Banteay Srei, Angkor, CambodiaDP110_05 - A view of stone tombs in a village in the vicinity of Waikabubak,Sumba, IndonesiaDP128_32 - A detail of a house gable, Kabanjahe, Karo, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP130_10 - A close up of houses in a huta (Toba-Batak village), Lumbanjulu, Toba, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP36_36 - A view of fishing with nets and trapsangkor_wat_heaven_Hells_south-gallery_east_wing_IMG_3330DP74_19 - A close-up of a blind window of Ta Keo, Angkor, Cambodia.DP106_32 - A view of a mbaru niang (round conical-shaped house), Pongkor, Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia.angkor_west_part_inside_fourth_enclosure_IMG_4039

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