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Frequently Asked Questions





  1. How do I register for a SEALionPLUS account?

    Fill up the form here to register for an account which will give you access to a wider range of collections. You will receive your password within 1 working day. For better safeguard of your personal information, the registration form is hosted on FormSG.

  2. I'm already an ISEAS Library member, do I still need to register for a SEALionPLUS account?

    Yes. A SEALionPLUS account is needed to view the digital collections. You are required to fill up the registration form here to access a wider range of collections.

  3. If I register for a SEALionPLUS account, can I visit the Library?

    Yes. ISEAS Library is open to the public. A free membership is required to access our physical collections and library facilities. Find out more about our membership options and how to register.

  4. I forgot my password. How can I reset it? Are there any password criteria?

    You can reset your password here.
    Passwords must have the following criteria:

      • At least 12 characters
      • At least 1 lowercase alpha character
      • At least 1 uppercase alpha character
      • At least 1 numeric number
      • At least 1 special character (!@#$%^)

    • Example: ThP@ssw0rd12

Accessing materials in SEALionPLUS


  1. What materials are in SEALionPLUS?

    SEALionPLUS is ISEAS Library’s digital archive and facilitates access to our special collections, such as private papers, photographs, and oral history interviews. View all available collections here. Additional collections will become available from time to time.

  2. Can I access the materials without creating a SEALionPLUS account?

    Users without a SEALionPLUS account will only have access to some of the collections. Users with a SEALionPLUS account have access to most of the uploaded collections. A viewing request permission is required for certain collections, such as the Private Papers and Oral History Interviews. Submit a Viewing Request here.

  3. Can I access to the Private Papers Collection from home?

    Researchers are encouraged to visit ISEAS Library to consult the Private Papers collections. Remote access is limited and requests are granted on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Can I reproduce the digitised materials in a publication?

    Copyright to the usage of the digitised materials for publications will have to be sought on a case-by-case basis. Please contact for further clarification.


Library Help and Facilities


  1. How do I contact ISEAS Library?

    Email us at or visit the Library. Click here for the Library's opening hours.

  2. Where can I find info about the Library’s facilities, payment modes, and other details?

    Please visit the Library’s general FAQ here or contact us.


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