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Image No: IP004784 from the Ivan Polunin CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) 2, 90 & 87 from the Elisabeth Locard CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) FM_TH0112, FM_MY0015 & FM_IN0025 from the Frederic Mason CollectionImage Nos: (left to right) DH03515, DH03514 & DH03519 from the David Hughes CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) KCS_068, KCS_069 & KCS_067 from the Kee Chun Studio CollectionImage No: BA009197 from the Barbara Anello Collection


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NAG 013_22764angkor_north_pond_4186NAG 018_21615DP42_18 - Views of a dragon dance at Marble Temple, Bangkok, ThailandDP56_26 - A view of a house roof, Karo-Batak village, Tanjong Morawa, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP129_24 - A detail of the Raja's palace, Pematang Purba, Simalungun, Sumatra, Indonesia.NAG 022_21692angkor_wat_victoria_vishnu_asura_IMG_2718FM_TH0060 - Memorial. Wat Prakeo.DP43_08 - Views of a dragon dance at the Marble Temple in Bangkok, ThailandDP120_11 - A view of houses in a coastal village en route to Hiliamaetaluo, Nias, IndonesiaDP25_36 - A view of a street.DP41A_23 - A rear view of a man steering a boat laden with fish traps.DP232_29 - Close-ups and views of Yami boats on Botel Tobago, TaiwanDP232_25 - Close-ups and views of Yami boats on Botel Tobago, TaiwanDP74_30 - A view of an open passage way on an upper level of Angkor Wat, Angkor, Cambodia. (?)DP79_14 - A larger view of Leong San Tong opposite the Chinese opera stage and joss sticksFM_SI0180 - Padang Sunday.DP30_14 - A snapshot of people at the riverside.NAG 019_21623DP108_28 - A view of houses in Moni, Flores, IndonesiaCN000920 - Ayam, akar Cina, tirai, bintangDP28_37 - A view of government officials in white uniforms.DP23_14 - A close-up of a Buddha image in Wat Phra Keo, Vientiane, Laos.FM_MY0128 - Freezing Plant Bukit Nanas. Kuala Lumpur.CN000907 - Chukil 40DP38_36 - A close-up of a young woman carrying a basket on her shoulderDP39_06 - A view of a villageFM_IN0032 - Victoria Lily.NAG 021_21656CN000923 - Kain songkitangkor_wat_churning_ocean_milk_IMG_2657DP35_06 - A magnified close-up of a headscarf or shawl.CN001032DP41_04 - A view of two young Laotian women walking on the road.angkor_wat_heaven_Hells_south-gallery_east_wing_IMG_3323NAG 006_22535DP130_14 - A close up of the facade of a house in a huta (Toba-Batak village), Lumbanjulu, Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia.DP30_02 - A view of the Phra Phuttha Sihing.DP118_14 - A view of a village, Hilinawalo, Nias, Indonesia.DP35_16 - A snapshot of two Buddhist monks walking past Lane Xang Hotel in Vientiane, LaosFM_EMY0054 - Log raft.NAG 021_22547DP74_05 - A detail of the Elephant Terrace, Angkor Thom, Angkor, Cambodiaangkor_wat_south_west_corner_pavilion_IMG_3165DP96_15 - A view of a face-tower, Bayon, Angkor, CambodiaCN000691 - Weaver threading tassels through tengkuluk cawek - this process is called "berjambul"!DP29_13 - A view of the cremation.DP100_12 - A view of Pre Rup, Angkor, CambodiaDP16_35 - Banteay Samre temple

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