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Image No: IP004784 from the Ivan Polunin CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) 2, 90 & 87 from the Elisabeth Locard CollectionImage Nos: (left to right) DH03515, DH03514 & DH03519 from the David Hughes CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) KCS_068, KCS_069 & KCS_067 from the Kee Chun Studio CollectionImage No: BA009197 from the Barbara Anello Collection


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CN000264 - Boys in Arabic costumeBA010229FC001955 - Karo BatakBA009925CN000392 - Rangkiang, ParianganTMMT002569DP58_17 - A detail of the Simalungun Museum, Pematang Siantar, Sumatra, IndonesiaBA010186DP103_22 - A view of a tongkonan (ancestor house) near Makale, Toraja, IndonesiaDP121_05 - A view of buildings en route to the pier, Gunungsitoli, Nias, IndonesiaDP23_02 - A snapshot of a Laotian woman and girls.DP58_02 - A view of a Toba-Batak house, Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia.DP124_09 - A detail of a house, Pulau Tello, IndonesiaBA010379CN000333 - Plate dance during break timeBA010301 - Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Enters Medium "Ah Tsu"CN000872 - Passing the shuttleDP22_14 - A close-up of dishes at a wedding meal.DP108_31 - A view of the harbour, Ende, Flores, Indonesiaangkor_wat_battle_Lanka_west-gallery_north_wing_IMG_3114DP106_23 - A view of a mbaru niang (round conical-shaped house), Pongkor, Manggarai, Flores, IndonesiaDP27_35 - A view of hillsides, Hong Kong.CN000297 - More guestsNAG 008_21552BA009507NAG 021_21895DP29_09 - A close-up of a woman spectator at the funeral.DP37_07 - A view of Versteeg's house.SS004399BA009237CN000089 - Kain Gaba'DP36_04 - A panoramic view of That Luang and the seated statue of King Setthathirath on the rightBA010010DP103_26 - A snapshot of burial preparations in Tiromanda in the vicinity of Makale, Toraja, IndonesiaDP108_28 - A view of houses in Moni, Flores, IndonesiaNAG 013_21699angkor_wat_historical_procession_south-gallery_north_wing_IMG_3295DP21_28 - A close-up of a wood carving of a man in traditional Thai dress.BA010054BA009380CN000256 - Girls in Adat costumeCN000419 - Children collecting banana, sugar cane & beras yang direndangSS004359DP29_13 - A view of the cremation.DP160_30 - Views and close ups of the rituals of Thaipusam in the series of images DP159_1-38, DP160_1-37BA009277DP94_12 - A snapshot of a woman at the (?) Monkey God's Birthday Celebrations, Phnom Penh, CambodiaDP23_13 - A close-up of a Buddha image in Wat Phra Keo, Vientiane, Laos.DP91_06 - A view of the National Museum, Phnom Penh, CambodiaDP39_29 - A view of women and children bathing in the river

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