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Image Nos: (from left to right) FM_TH0112, FM_MY0015 & FM_IN0025 from the Frederic Mason CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) 2, 90 & 87 from the Elisabeth Locard CollectionImage No: GF_004000 from the Gregory Forth CollectionImage Nos: (left to right) DH03515, DH03514 & DH03519 from the David Hughes CollectionImage Nos: (from left to right) KCS_068, KCS_069 & KCS_067 from the Kee Chun Studio CollectionImage No: BA009197 from the Barbara Anello Collection


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NAG 004_22510DP119_11 - A snapshot of a mother and son walking on a village path, Hilisimaetano, Nias, IndonesiaDP23_34 - A snapshot of a Black Tai woman carrying a baby.DP38_11 - A front view of a woman and a boyFM_IN0001 - Volcano Crate. Bandung.angkor_wat_battle_Lanka_west-gallery_north_wing_IMG_3093DP39_38 - A close-up of a piece of handwoven cotton clothNAG 016_21597DP17_13 - A view of the Srah Srang, the "Royal Swimming Pool" near Banteay Kdei, Angkor, Cambodia.DP128_08 - A view of a house, Padangpanjang, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP160_27 - Views and close ups of the rituals of Thaipusam in the series of images DP159_1-38, DP160_1-37DP33_13 - A bird's eye view of the crowds thronging the launch pad, a bamboo framework.DP123_05 - Lumbanjulu, Toba, Sumatra, IndonesiaDP33_16 - A view of Buddhist monks accompanying a hearse to a templeDP38_01 - A close-up of Hmong men, women and childrenDP97_20 - A view of the gopuras of Banteay Srei, Angkor, Cambodia.DP125_14 - Snapshots of islanders, Sipora, Mentawai, Sumatra, IndonesiaNAG 020_21654FM_VT0032 - Stall. Saigon Market.BA009518BA010121DP97_17 - A view of a shrine (?) at Banteay Srei, Angkor, CambodiaBA009847DP17_19 - A close-up of the roots of the kapok tree at Ta Prohm, Angkor, Cambodia.DP120_33 - A view of the harbour, Telukdalam, Nias, IndonesiaImages from the Ivan Polunin CollectionDP125_21 - A snapshot of a man in a canoe in the harbour, Sipora, Mentawai, Sumatra, Indonesia.DP74_09 - A view of the Elephant Terrace, Angkor Thom, Angkor, Cambodia.DP32_26 - A close-up of a spectator at a rocket festival.DP117_31 - A view of the village, Lahusa, Nias, IndonesiaDP95_36 - A close-up of a devotee at the (?) Monkey God's Birthday Celebrations, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.NAG 005_21527NAG 027_21903DP95_34 - A close-up of a woman on a float at the (?)Monkey God's Birthday celebrations, Phnom Penh, CambodiaNAG 021_21895FM_IN0068 - Flower.DP29_37 - A close-up of a Thai orchestra (Kodak show), Bangkok, ThailandNAG 004_22516DP159_23 - Views and close ups of the rituals of Thaipusam in the series of images DP159_1-38, DP160_1-37DP92_06 - A view of a stupa, Tombs of Kings, Oudong, Cambodiaangkor_west_gate_fourth_enclosure_IMG_4116angkor_wat_historical_procession_south-gallery_north_wing_IMG_3271DP39_28 - An external view of twin houses with a veranda and staircaseBA009534DP38_06 - A front view of a Hmong woman with a baby on her backDP229_26 - Close-ups of mats woven in Terengganu, Malaysiaangkor_wat_historical_procession_south-gallery_north_wing_IMG_3256DP117_38 - A view of the village, Siwalawa, Nias, IndonesiaDP107_16 - A view of a village in the vicinity of Pongkor, Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia.DP232_26 - Close-ups and views of Yami boats on Botel Tobago, Taiwan

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